10 Favorite things about Ajijic, Mexico

After spending over four months near Lake Chapala, it is time to move on. We will definitely be back but we can’t leave without giving a shout out to the places, restaurants, and small businesses we will miss the most.

Women’s March 2018: We still have work to do!

Although for my own mental health and well-being, I have tried to distance myself from American politics. The words of Dr. Martin Luther King still swirl within my head regularly – “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. We still have a lot of work to do!

Kindness in Action

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about kindness. During brunch, last weekend with a group of Americans and Canadians living in Mexico, we talked about how much we appreciate the small acts of kindness we experience here. A child passing by on the street makes eye contact and says “Buenas tardes.” A…

Positively spinning in 2017!

I woke up, on a working farm in Borgarnes, Iceland, to the sound of an incoming text. My daughter was back in the states so I reached for my phone immediately. “He won!” I replied, “What?” Surely, she was joking! I woke up Stan. He also thought it was a joke and frantically grabbed his…

Give the Gift of Opportunity this Holiday Season

People all over the world experience similar barriers due to poverty and lack of access to opportunities. Lack of opportunity to explore interests, uncover talents, or build social capital are all barriers to people reaching their potential. The inequity can also lead to poor health outcomes and higher rates of mortality. The more we unite and work together, the sooner we can remedy this inequity. With this in mind, and in in th

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