Loving the Street Dogs of Mexico

Seattle has a very interesting relationship with dogs, in fact, dogs in Seattle outnumber children! Seattleites bring our dogs to restaurants; most coffee shops offer puppuccinos or at least dog treats. My husband built a career out of taking care of other people’s dogs (and cats, turtles, snakes, bearded dragons, and …) We have shops…

The sountrack to life is loud!

In stark contrast, every night seems to be a celebration in San Juan Cosala! Sitting on the porch I can hear live bands, roosters crowing, the braying of burros, announcements on loud speakers, the whinnying of horses, an endless chorus of dogs barking, church bells, and mucho cohetes! Occasionally, I can even hear a cow. I love it!

Why are you doing this?

When I started telling people that we were selling our house and moving out of the US, the first question was “Why”. Why would you leave Seattle, a city that you have moved back to three times? Why would you choose another country over the US? Why now? And why would you take your son out of school?

Joy, tragedy, and bad behavior

A majority of the travel blogs and instagrams seem to paint a picture of perfect trips and a life of ease. In reality, as we travel the horrors of the world do not stop. Family and friends continue to face unthinkable tragedy and suffering. When we do check in on world events, we inevitably find…

The lost art of porch sitting

“When I was your age, I loved being on a farm”. “But Mom, you had friends to hang out with…” “Actually, I did not”. It was just me, my grandparents, and the cows at their farm in Michigan. No internet. No TV. No running water. I haven’t thought about that farm for years. I remember…