Bio: I am passionate about bridging the gap between research and practice to improve the lives of youth and families (particularly those from underserved and/or marginalized populations). I have been a member of academic, governmental, and private research teams since 1995. I also worked extensively in direct service of children and families as a parent educator, home visitor, and therapeutic foster parent. I was awarded my doctorate in Special Education and Transition, from the Univeristy of Oregon. I also hold a Master’s degree in Early Intervetion, from UofO. I love teaching and have taught graduate students at Seattle University and provided extensive inservice training to teachers, school psychologists, chemical dependency counselors, and social workers. Most recently, I was a Research Scientist at the University of Washington’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute.

Life.  For many years my friends and family have been telling me “you need to blog.”  Saying I was reluctant to do so is an understatement. I consider myself to be a private person and therefore I had no interest in sharing my life journey with the world. Additionally, my academic background trained me to write not from personal experience but based on IRB approved research and peer-reviewed academic literature. Interestingly though, much of what I have learned in life came from surviving adversity, holding space for those suffering, and choosing a path outside of what is “normal” and expected. As academia doesn’t provide a forum for sharing the wisdom gained from those sometimes brutal life lessons, I will offer them here in hopes they may be of benefit to others.

Education.  I also learned a prodigious amount while working on my PhD, through my research studies, and direct service of youth and families. To challenge my expertise and to “walk my talk,” I am recently began an adventure in “world schooling” my 13 year old son. A section of this blog will be dedicated to sharing knowledge gained from these experiences. I will also provide resources for parents and professionals that are supporting youth as they make their transition into adulthood.

Travel.  One thing I am not good at is “letting go” and seeing what happens. My next phase of life is an experiment in… what if I did just let go? So, we sold our house and most of our belongings and moved out of the US with only a “rough draft” of a plan! My amazingly creative adventurous husband, Stan Reed, not only agreed and encouraged to this wild idea, he will be photo documenting our journey along the way!

This blog is a forum for sharing unfettered knowledge!

Life is short. Live it!