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10 Favorite things about Ajijic, Mexico

After spending over four months near Lake Chapala, it is time to move on. We will definitely be back but we can’t leave without giving a shout out to the places, restaurants, and small businesses we will miss the most.

Positively spinning in 2017!

I woke up, on a working farm in Borgarnes, Iceland, to the sound of an incoming text. My daughter was back in the states so I reached for my phone immediately. “He won!” I replied, “What?” Surely, she was joking! I woke up Stan. He also thought it was a joke and frantically grabbed his…

Loving the Street Dogs of Mexico

It is impossible to walk down the street without running into street dogs. Most are very shy and avoid people. Many have battle scars, injured legs, and/or mange…Many organizations around Lake Chapala are working to remedy this situation.

The sountrack to life is loud!

In stark contrast, every night seems to be a celebration in San Juan Cosala! Sitting on the porch I can hear live bands, roosters crowing, the braying of burros, announcements on loud speakers, the whinnying of horses, an endless chorus of dogs barking, church bells, and mucho cohetes! Occasionally, I can even hear a cow. I love it!

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