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Decades of experience taught me that most parents benefit from extra support at various points during their parenting journey. While an abundance of resources are available during the early years, parenting teens and young adults often receives little attention. I believe that one of the greatest myths we are told is that we must suffer through our children’s teen years and that it is impossible to maintain a healthy (and fun) relationship with them. This crucial developmental period often sets the trajectory for a youth’s adulthood andis too important to “just get through it”.

Adolescence is a time of tremendous growth, change, and identity formation. Many youth (and/or their parents) have difficulty during the huge transition from childhood to adolescence and ultimately the launch into “adulting.”  During our sessions, I will share tools I learned from years of experience serving youth with disabilities, mental health challenges, substance use disorders, those who experienced foster care, and/or those that were just having a difficult time. In addition, my extensive research background and education provided me with a wealth of evidence-based strategies which can help you support the young person in your life as they become their best self.

My approach is solution focused and together we will create an action plan to overcome challenges. During our sessions, I will also provide support and guidance as you try out your new strategies!

To ensure that I provide the best service for your family, I only take 5 clients at any given time for 1:1 support. Sessions are conducted via videochat (for each session, 1 email check in is included to allow for follow-up questions or clarification).

Weekend, evening and day time appointments are available. I am happy to adjust for your timezone! A complimentary 20 minute session is available prior to booking to make sure my services are a good fit for your family! Questions?

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Free Online groups

Allies for Teens and Young Adults

This is a group for parents, educators, and service professionals that support teens and young adults during their transition to adulthood. The goal is to share ideas and resources so that we can best support the teens and young adults in our lives as they find their path to achieving their hopes, goals, and dreams!

Travelling families for ethical travel, equity and social justice

This group is for homeschool, worldschool, roadschool, or other families that want to discuss or share resources related to ethical travel, social justice, and equity. This is respectful space and hate speech or rascism is not allowed. You may be uncomfotable with some topics and that is part of the work. You are invited to sit with discomfort while challenging yourself to respectfully communicate your feelings. May the children and youth we care for benefit from our growth!


My foster mom, Robin, what can I say…as everyone can see Robin or Dr. or Mom is pretty F**king cool. Lord oh Lord she had no idea what she was getting herself into when she took me and my sweet baby in. LOL. Little did I know how much she was about to turn my world upside down (in a good way). Let’s start with this – my first night I was there, I came from a place where – oh my god – all we did was eat chicken. So of  course, my smart ass right off the bat said, ‘I don’t care what we have as long as it’s not chicken’. Robin laughed and said, ‘No worries, we are vegetarians.’ First solid burn my mom returned. LOL. So as y’all can see, she had many great and not so great (in my mind at the time) qualities she taught me. Too bad y’all, I don’t have any embarrassing stories because she never did anything like that. Well, not that I can remember. LOL. But on a serious note, the woman I am today; the kind heart I have; always thinking of others; trying to find a way to make a better world; or helping to create nicer more caring people – All those great qualities come from this lovely, brilliant woman I get to call mom. Growing up in the foster care system, you don’t find a lot of people like her. Only a few of us are lucky enough to actually end up with bomb ass people like Robin.

Daughter Texas February 26, 2018


When your teenager is struggling, half-baked theories and impractical strategies can make parents feel ineffectual and unempowered.  Robin Harwick uses boundless empathy and solid research to give parents logical, usable advice on how to connect with their challenging teen.  Her level-headed and relaxed demeanor make you feel like you are having coffee with a good friend, and yet you leave feeling not only validated and comforted, but armed with scientific and well-proven methods that will lead to immediate improvement of any family situation, no matter how dire.  Anyone would benefit from her wisdom and hand-holding through the difficult turbulence of parenthood!  

-Lori Chicago February 26, 2018






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